An Intelligent Person that you know

an intelligent person that you know

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Intelligent Person Cue Card

1. The social circle of intelligent people is not large. His friends are very old and few. In fact, the smarter you are, the more selective you become, and the more you mingle with someone.

Talk about an Intelligent Person that you know,

2. Wise people like to stay away from any kind of debate or fight. This is why often they deliberately ignore many things.

Describe an Intelligent Person you know Ielts Speaking, 

3. They often talk to themselves. They discus themselves on a lot of things from themselves, this is a very satisfying activity for them.

Describe an Intelligent Person you know Ielts Cue Card, 

4. Wise people seek positivity and opportunity in everything, in every event, in everything, while others continue to discover the faults and shortcomings of others.

Describe an Intelligent Person you know Ielts.

5. Wise men usually underestimate their ability and they are not shy. They don't brag, they don't tell anyone anything without asking.

6. Wise men like to be alone and enjoy it too. Their loneliness does not hurt. They are most creative and productive only when they are allowed to do the work of their choice.

7. Wise people are not tough or rough. They also have a heart, but they work with the mind instead of the heart, they reach different results by thinking from different angles on different aspects of everything.

8. The biggest disadvantage of being intelligent is that stupid people think of them as their own. To take advantage of living with intelligent people also requires a little wisdom.

9. Wise people do not like moving entertainment. They stay away from movies and music that hang around, they go to the mall and enter the bookstore.

10. Handwriting of intelligent people is usually not good. The reason for this is that they think very fast but cannot write as fast, hence their handwriting deteriorates

Question 1 Are most intelligent people glad? Why? 

Not really. Intelligent people have exclusive requirements of life. They may feel despondent if things don't go as indicated by their desires. Be that as it may, simultaneously I think it is hard to sum up. Intelligent people realize that bliss is a perspective, thus they may attempt their best to remain upbeat.

Question 2 Do you think intelligent people are childish? 

No, self-centeredness has nothing to do with insight. I think it is close to home nature to be childish. An individual who is intelligent may get accomplishment in his life and may appear to be narrow minded, however he isn't. Indeed, even people who are not all that intelligent might be egotistical. It is fundamental human instinct to take care of one's own advantages first. Along these lines, it can't be said that knowledge makes people narrow minded.

Question 3 Do you think intelligent people are useful? 

All things considered, a supportive nature additionally has nothing to do with knowledge. Anyone can be useful, however intelligent people can help in better manners with their knowledge. People who are not intelligent but rather have cash can help by giving cash, yet intelligent people can help by teaching poor people.

Question 4 Who do you think assumes a progressively significant job in kids' instruction, parent or instructor? Why? 

All things considered, both have an indispensable job in youngsters' instruction. The job of the two guardians and instructors is extraordinary, however equivalent. Thus, it is hard to state, who has a more noteworthy job. In social instruction, guardians have a more noteworthy job, yet in scholarly training, instructors have a more noteworthy job.

Question 5. What characteristics do you figure a decent instructor ought to have? 

An educator ought to have great relational abilities. Without great relational abilities, an instructor can't educate well. Besides, he ought to have profundity of information regarding the matter. At that point, he ought to be unprejudiced. He ought to have no predisposition towards the rich or poor understudies. He ought to have the option to come down to the degree of the understudy to instruct well.

Question 6 How do educators help youngsters in their training? 

Instructors help in every potential manners. They strive to give great scholarly information to the understudies. They need to stay up with the latest with the most recent prospectuses and encourage understudies as indicated by the necessity of the time. They can likewise do some profession directing and prompt the understudies any vocation way as per their fitness.
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