Benefits of physical activity

benefits of physical activity
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Psychological facts about love and attachment

1. People are more likely to help you by explaining the reasons behind your request.

2. Want to know the truth? Instead of saying it, the person will think you know everything and will confess if he is lying.

3. Psychology proved that women take more selfies than men but ... men are more intoxicated than women.

4. On average, it only takes 90 seconds to 4 minutes to decide whether you are in love with someone or not.

5. Different scents provoke different levels of attractiveness so better choose a good perfume.

6. Interesting psychology of dreams, when women dream, they see equal amount of men and women but men mostly dream about men. I am of the opinion that this may not be true all the time.

7. Most people will write text to someone they like fast.

8. Unhappy people more T.V. Let's see what their real mess life is to escape.

Girl Love Facts in Hindi

9. When weeping with joy, the first tear comes from the right eye but when you cry with sorrow, the first tear comes from the left eye.

10. People are often more productive in blue rooms.

11. Men say about 12500 words and women say about 22000 words a day!

12. We are most creative at night. Even during the night all our feelings and desires are at its peak. At night, our body's metabolism is very high which causes all.

13. People blame people more than situations when something bad happens.

14. Blue color releases relieving hormones.

15. People read fast with long lines but prefer short lines.

16. Most people visualize at an angle from above.

17. Smile is 69% more attractive than makeup. So smile:

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