Near in Death Note experience

Near in Death Note experience
Near in Death Note experience 

These signs indicate that death in near Note! Recent Near Death Experiences !

Man is born after being in the mother's womb for nine months. And just like that, nine months before death, some such incidents occur which indicate this. At the same time, these signs are so subtle that we do not pay attention to them in our everyday lives and when death comes very close, it is revealed that now it is late, many tasks are incomplete. Near in Death Note Also, in such a state the mind starts wandering at the last moment and feels pain at the time of death. Furthermore, according to the Puranas, if at the time of death the mind is calm and free from desires, the soul renounces its life without suffering and the soul of such a person then experiences happiness after that. Consisting of seven chakras. Sahasrara: Top Chakra, Commandment: Frontal Chakra, Pure: Kanta Chakra, Anahata: Heart Chakra, Manipur: Solar Muscle Chakra, Swadhisthana: Trika Chakra, Muladhara, Aadhaar Chakra when man sacrifices the soul which is one of these chakras It leads to a soul. Exits the body. According to yogis, sages and Puranas, when the time of death draws near, activities begin in the navel chakra. Near in Death Note Navel Chakra i.e. Manipur Meditation Chakra begins to break.

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The navel is the center of the body from where body formation begins at birth. It is from this place that life begins to separate from the body, so the first call to approaching death can be felt near the navel chakra. This cycle does not break in a day, its breakdown lasts for a long time and as this cycle breaks, many other signs of death start to appear. There are many types of experiences and symptoms that appear before death. Such as Garuda Purana, Surya Arun Dialogues, Samudra Shastra and Kapalika Samhita are considered as its main sources. With these texts, it is said that when the time of death is drawing near, a person begins to get many such signs that it may be known that the time of leaving the body has now come to a close . According to the most prominent symptom described in these texts, a person can see his nose as he approaches death. Interpretation is closed. Near in Death Note Also, with birth every person brings many lines in their palm. After knowing palmistry, it is said that this is an article of Brahma in which a person's breath means how long he will live, it is written. Those reading palmistry see these lines and predicts the person. If you also look closely at the lines of your palm, you will find that these lines change from time to time. The lines begin to blur when you are seriously ill.

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In addition, oceanography states that when death draws closer, the palm lines become obscure and so light that it is not even properly visible. At the same time, according to astrology, we get excited when we get news of the new member coming into the house and preparing to welcome them. In the same way, when a person is leaving the world and going on a journey to another world, his ancestors and spirits who have gone into the world are excited and live in the joy of the arrival of a new member in their world. There is a feeling of having some shadow around. Furthermore, such people continue to see their ancestors and many dead people. Sometimes people feel such a deep feeling that they get scared. According to astrology, weakening of the Manipur Dhyanchakra leads to a decrease in self-esteem, so a person experiences such sensations. According to dream science, dreams often indicate future events. Surya Arun has been told in dialogue and dream science that when a person's death is coming near, he starts having ominous dreams. The person sees himself traveling on a donkey. The presence of dead persons and ancestors in dreams is also a sign of approaching death. Seeing oneself without a head is also a sign of approaching death. It is said that shadows always move along, so many times you must have seen your shadow around you.

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But according to the dialogues of oceanography and Surya Arun, when a person's soul starts preparing to leave him, it also leaves a shadow. It is not that the person's shadow is not formed at that time. Even at that time a shadow is formed, but the person's vision is not able to see his shadow because the eyes lose the power to see the shadow. The Gurud Purana states that when death is almost near, the person sitting near him also sees that he does not come. At such a time, the person starts seeing Yama's messengers and the person is scared to see them. According to astrology, as long as the breath continues, life happens as soon as the breath stops, the person is declared dead. In this way, the basis of life is breath, so when a man is born, his breath continues till death. One can neither increase or decrease the breath. Also, if you try for some time, you can stop breathing but the creature has no right over the breath. The Garuda Purana states that as long as the life cycle goes, the breath remains straight. But when a person's death comes to a close, his breath starts vomiting
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