Janam Din ki Shayari Mubarak Ho Status

Janam Din ki Shayari Mubarak Ho Status
Janam Din ki Shayari Mubarak Ho Status 

Janam Din ki Shayari Mubarak Ho Status !

Birthday is your day, we give this blessing,
Once we meet, we will never separate,
It will be our lifetime to support you,
Will die on you, this is his intention

We are praying, no tears
The rose that has not bloomed till date,
Today you will get them all,
Which nobody has found till date.

Janam Din Ki Hardik Badai! 

We love every day on this special day,
What you don't want to spend without you,
The heart always gives you blessings,
Still says happy birthday to you

Janam Din Mubarak in Hindi 

Are far away from you
But you have a heart,
Jism is lying here,
But the spirit is with you,
Birthday is yours
But we have a celebration,
We are apart from each other,
But still you have us,
And we are with you.

Hindi Birthday Shayari - Bahut Door Hai Tumse !

Our God is a vow
My life is our paradise
Even if we are not with them,
But they got lots of happiness.

Your name should be on the sky's highs,
May your land on the moon land,
We live in a small world,
But may God bless you wherever you are.

Mother's blessings are overshadowed by the father's strength,
Have celebrated my birthday with him today.

I'm sowing stars on the pillow,
Birthday is crying alone

Sad Birthday Shayari in Hindi

Some happiness was averted with a few tears,
Gone are the lone and golden years of life.
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