Inequalities in the Education System of USA and India

Inequalities in the Education System of USA and India
Inequalities in the Education System of USA and India

Due to the large population of India, there is a lot of competition in every region here. Thousands of contestants are in the line for each seat in India, that's why especially children from middle class families are told from childhood that only and all attention should be paid to education, otherwise someone else will take their place and that Will be left behind

Inequalities questions in the Education System of USA and India

In response to this question, I will not write about primary or secondary education, but write about getting admission in high school and then college.

I have been educated in India only. Most universities in the US program to attract students from different cities. I have been to many college programs and still go - it helps to understand the American higher education system better.

Indian High School (9-10) and Intermediate (11-12)

Many regional boards in India ask children to decide their future in ninth grade. That is, when the child is coming to ninth after passing the eighth, he has to choose his subjects and further studies can be done on the basis of the same. Some private boards give you a little more time - such as in class XI, you have to choose your subjects.

If you want to become a doctor, then you have to study only with the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics.

If you want to study engineering, then you have to study Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in classes XI and XII.

Apart from this, if you want to study language in college further or if you want to study psychology or sociology etc. then you should go into art field.

If you want to study economics, then study in the field of commerce.

Broadly, you cannot change anything. In most states, you cannot study Mathematics with Biology or you can apply for Engineering with Physics with Economics instead of Chemistry.

American High School (9-12)

The American education system is different from the Indian system. This gives you the freedom to choose topics. In America, four years from ninth to twelfth are combined with a high school. Further, high school education for university / college admission also matters a lot here in America.

In America, four years of high school have to be combined and chosen subjects. Some subjects are required to be read, the rest of the subjects are as an option. Every year you have to take some important subjects and some optional. There is a lot of difference in different high school rules, but broadly this is the system across America.

For admission to american college

The US has a broadly similar system for admission to college after high school. Preparing for college has to be done in four years of high school.

Every student studying in high school is required to take ACT (American College Test) or SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test).

The practice of ACT / SAT is free once a year for every child from ninth to twelfth from the examination school. Children get a little ready for this. There is also a system of free assistance in most schools for the children who are weak in reading or whose score is low and want to increase it.

There is another special thing which is different from India - if in India, God does not get sick on the day of examination of CPMT / JEE, then the whole year went into the pit. There was so much preparation, but now nothing can be done.

In the US, ACT / SAT occurs in almost every city once a month, for which online booking can be done in advance. If you do not get a good score for the first time, then you can take this exam many times. In such a situation, children have more options.

What do you need for college admission?

ACT / SAT score

High school transcript

Recommendation letters from high school teachers

Essay or Memoir - Answers to some questions about the student, such as what comes apart from the study or what is done / what are the characteristics, etc.

Enquiry Form

Form filling fees

You have to study foreign language or Economics or Technology or Mathematics or anything else - everyone has to take ACT / SAT. Admission to college is decided by looking at your ACT / SAT score, your high school score sheet, essay etc. If your ACT / SAT score is good and your high school marks are also good, then chances of getting admission in a good college are increased.

Let's talk about the University of Chicago for example. This university has given the highest Nobel laureates to the world. Getting admission in this university is very difficult. For admission, you see the list below - Three to four years of science studies are being sought in four years of high school. It can be any science subject. Here you can also see that mathematics is also important for everyone, whether you want to study French in college or psychology!

3–4 years of math (pre-calculus recommended)

3–4 years of laboratory sciences

3 or more years of social sciences

Foreign language study (2–3 years recommended)

Once enrolled in college
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