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murgi palan ki jankari
murgi palan ki jankari

Poultry Farming Business - Murgi Palan a successful business

Poultry farming is a business that can be started in less capital, less time, less work and less space. If you are also thinking of starting a Murgi Palan business, then the tips given below can help you. Today, according to an estimate in India, about 50 lakh people are connected with poultry employment. There is no rocket science to start a poultry business, but a good business setup can be done with a little hard work and hard work. According to a research, the poultry business is growing with a growth rate of about 14% and it has immense potential. So let's know how to raise poultry and take care of what.

Space requirement

Before rearing poultry, it is necessary to know how much space you will need. It is estimated that about 1 to 1.5 square feet is enough for a chicken. Similarly, for raising 100 hens, you will need 100 - 150 sq feet of space. The place should be well ventilated, clean and nearby, and safe. Set up a poultry farm near the road and not far from the city, otherwise it will cost more to send the goods.

Take proper care for the drinking water, if possible, keep a borewell or kuwan so that the water will always remain.

The place where you are going to keep the chickens / chickens should always be dry / dry.

By the way, people associated with hen foster / poultry farm owner will recommend 1 sq feet of space for every hen, but keep in mind that if you keep more chickens in less space then there will be more chances of injury / injury, fighting among themselves and also loss. You only have to So always give at least 1 & 1/2 sq feet space to every chicken.

§ According to this, if you are keeping 100 poultry chicken, then you will have a space of 150 sq feet.

§ It will take 750 sq feet of space to keep 500 chicks.

§ It will take 1,500 space to keep 1000 chickens properly.

How to take proper care of chicken and chicken

You have to see from which place you are going to raise the chickens. Try to bring chickens from an experienced poultry breeding center. On an average, the price of a chick is about Rs 18 to 24. It takes about 40 to 50 days for a chick to weigh 1 kg.

Keep in mind that chickens and chickens never eat food in the dark, so do not give food in the dark or at night, otherwise there is a fear of insects.

Keeping chickens in an open and ventilated place gives them fresh air, so that they do not have lung bimari.

When you bring the baccho (chickens) of the murgi, keep the room temperature 35 degrees in the first week.

Do not touch the chick again and again, by doing so, they get scared and there may be hindrance in growth.

Murgi palan ki Jankari

Business Tip: If you do business of desi murge, then you will not only get more profit but you also have to take less care of desi chickens and chickens.

Food / Food

Take proper care of food and at the same time give good quality food which has high amount of protein and calcium.

Clean the vessel in which you are giving food and water, every 2 days at an interval.


Given below are some murgi palan ki detail jankari and tips so that you can give Murgi Palan project the form of good business.

§ If you want to raise the chick as soon as possible, then you have to take care that keep the chick in a cool environment. Chicks eat more food in the cold environment, while they eat less in the hot humid environment.

§ In Murgi palan, it is necessary to have sufficient clean drinking water and food in sufficient quantity so that chickens and chickens can eat easily.

§ If it is getting cold then apply big yellow bulbs to get proper amount of heat.

§ Keep the light on at night so that chickens and chickens spend more time in eating and grow quickly in the shortest possible time.

§ The vaccine should be given to the chickens periodically so that they can be protected from diseases.

§ Pay more attention to cleanliness, try to get the place cleaned once every 8 hours.

Market Rate

By the way, the price of poultry keeps going down throughout the year, but the price is low within a range. If the demand is good (eg during the winter, wedding, festival time) then the price of a chicken is around Rs 80. By the way, assuming that on average you will get a rate around Rs 75. If you want, you can go to the market and know the rate from those selling chicken.

Keep in mind that before getting into the poultry business, collect all the information and if possible, go to a nearby poultry farm and work for 1 to 2 weeks so that you can get practical knowledge. If possible, go to murgi palan kendra and take a short term course of 1 month
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