Google phone app may soon implement call recording

Google phone app may soon implement call recording
Google phone call recorder 

Google phone app may soon implement call recording

Phone call recording is a very touching subject. On the one hand, it certainly has practical uses, especially when recording phone interviews or meetings. On the other hand, it also raises some privacy concerns. A later reason may be that Google has not provided an official feature on Android for recording calls, but based on some Google phone application analysis, it will gradually fix that long-standing problem Can work towards

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Android actually had some APIs for recording phone calls but which ran up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Then upon starting Android 9.0 Pie, Google blocked any app from recording calls, at least on phones that are not rooted. Since then, the only iterative users expected were their OEMs to implement the functionality on their custom phone applications.

The teardown of XDA in the latest version of the Google Phone Dialer app for Pixel 4 showed what could be the start of Google's work to bring that functionality back. In particular, the app included hidden labels related to recording, there is also a new icon that can help indicate when a call is being recorded.

Google phone call recorder!

It is not uncommon for Google to include snippets of what it is working on in the final versions of the app, but it will not provide clues as to when the feature will arrive or even if it does at all Will happen. The button to start call recording, for example, is still noted to be hidden and functionality is still not present anyway.

Google can work on creating a more appropriate API for OEMs to provide their own call recording functionality. That said, Google has to tread carefully its reputation regarding privacy in particular. A clear indicator or notice when a call is being recorded can already go a long way in warning users they should be caught unaware.
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